OMbiance Yoga in Faroe Islands


OMbiance Yoga Retreat in Faroe Islands
Hotel Foroyar, Torshavn
Saturday, July 8, 2017 to Saturday, July 15, 2017
Instructors: Justina Law & Johnathan Esper

Join us for a fun-filled yoga and photography retreat in the pristine Faroe Islands for 7 nights beginning Saturday, July 8th. Explore your creativity through movement while enjoying daily hatha and restorative yoga sessions, and guided photography excursions. OMbiance Yoga retreats are created to inspire others to grow and deepen on a personal level.

Deepen your practice, travel to an off-the-beaten-path destination, and have fun!

This retreat will take place in the untouched Faroe Islands at Hotel Foroyar, Torshavn, with your choice of double or single room accommodations. Complete with delicious and nutritious meals for a healthy and calm body and mind.

Your OMbiance Yoga and Photography Retreat includes:

Rates for OMbiance Yoga and Photography Retreat (8 days, 7 nights):

per person - shared occupancy (2 beds per room)
$2465 USD/$3255 CDN

per person - single occupancy

$3075 USD/$4060 CDN

Faroe Islands Retreat

Additional nights are available at a rate of $165 USD/$220 CDN single occupancy; $105 USD/$135 CDN shared occupancy

Who is this retreat for?

Calling all yoga and photography enthusiasts and adventurers!
Are you an amateur photographer interested in developing your skills in shooting landscapes? Come!
Or perhaps you are interested in learning to shoot yoga models in landscapes? This retreat is for you!
Serious photographers, we've got your back. Johnathan will work with you to fine tune your skills to improve your images.
And of course, this retreat is for yogis! Beginning yogis, intermediate yogis, advanced yogis. Our mixed levels classes will allow you to start, or deepen your practice.
For those yogis interested in developing a yoga portfolio, you also have the opportunity to learn to model yoga poses for our photographers!
All of our classes and activities are optional. Come for the yoga, come for the photography, come for the adventure, come for all! We're easy like that :)

DSC07649pinI had a great time in all aspects of Justina Law's OMbiance Yoga Retreat December 27, 2015 - January 2, 2016 in Kosrae, FSM. Our accommodations and nutrition at Pacific Treelodge were lovely and authentic, our expeditions during the yoga-free afternoons were interesting and sometimes challenging, and our peers were wonderful people from distant places. The most important part of our yoga retreat, of course, was yoga! After a few days, I began to call Justina the “pretzel” because she could bend in every direction without  effort. Justina knows yoga and was expert in instructing and accommodating those of us who are not as advanced and as flexible as she. It was great. I’d do it again in a minute – any time-anywhere when I am not required to be at work. The retreat in Faroe Islands sounds absolutely heavenly! I would send in my deposit immediately if I were free at that time; unfortunately I am not. I will see you again Justina, as soon as a retreat fits into my work schedule!” ~ Pamela Perkins

Where are the Faroe Islands?

The Faroe Islands are comprised of 18 volcanic islands, located between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland. Because of its' remote location, these islands are largely untouched, offering beautiful, pristine landscapes, waiting to be explored, and photographed. Hike up traditional Faroese pathways, and breathe in some of the cleanest air in the world.

There are two main routes to the Faroe Islands, via Reykjavik, Iceland, or Denmark (fly Atlantic Airways from Copenhagen, or sail with Smyril from the Hirtshals). If you need help planning your route, please let us know, or you can check out my post on Finding the Best Flights. We're happy to help!

What to bring:
warm, comfortable clothing (for yoga and excursions)
gloves, hat/toque
surfing/diving clothing and/or equipment
comfortable waterproof hiking shoes
personal products
yoga mat
water bottle

optional: yoga towel, blocks, strap, bolster, eye pillow - we will be practicing restorative yoga, and will have a very limited supply for your use

Please note that there will be a limited selection of goods and services in the Faroe Islands, so please plan to bring necessities with you.

We would love for you to join us for this retreat in the Faroe Islands.
If you have any questions or would like to register, please email: or

Deposit & Cancellation Policy:

$500 USD/$660 CDN deposit to confirm your reservation.
We accept PayPal (4% fee), credit cards (4% fee), cheques (no additional fee), or bank e-transfers (no additional fee).
If you cancel with 60 or more days notice, we keep a $50.00 USD administration fee and return the balance to you.
If you cancel with less than 60 days notice and we are able to re-fill your spot, we keep the administration fee and return the balance to you.
If you cancel with less than 60 days notice and we can not re-fill your spot, you forfeit all of your deposit.
If you cancel with less than 30 days notice you will be liable for the full value of the cancelled retreat.
Full payment is due within 45 days of the retreat (Friday, May 24, 2017)

To register/apply, please or


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