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OMbiance Yoga caters to the busy professional that understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance, but has difficulty fitting a set class into a compact schedule. As an educator, I believe in individualized learning and putting student needs first. OMbiance Yoga offers personal yoga classes in the privacy of your own home or office, and specialises in hosting yoga retreats in exotic destinations around the world. Each location is hand-picked to ensure that it is both secluded, yet safe, leaving you carefree, to relax, explore, and deeply connect with the environment.

Traditionally, yoga was shared between one teacher and one student. Together, they would work towards the goal of increasing personal awareness and developing potential through self-study; the yoga teacher acting as a guide and mentor along this journey. Private yoga classes can take into consideration your personal fitness level, stress level, injuries and personal goals. Learning subtle alignment adjustments can help you create a strong foundation and understanding of yoga that will ultimately develop a stronger, safer yoga practice. Safely learn yoga with step-by-step guidance on yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Maybe you've been practising yoga for a while, or aren't sure yet where to start. A yoga retreat is a good way for beginners to experience an introduction to yoga, or for practising yogis to challenge themselves to go deeper. I'd love for you to join me on a retreat.

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Reasons to take private yoga lessons:

New to yoga
Often, group classes can be overwhelming and intimidating with a pace that is too fast for a beginner. I can help you with adjustments and personal attention going at a pace that is best for your particular needs.

"Justina has been working with my husband and I for a couple of years now and we're thrilled with her help. We're both fairly shy and not very "body conscious". She provides us with just the right amount of challenge, balanced with support, to keep us motivated. From personal experience I can say that she's great with people (male and female) who are new to yoga." ~ Leanne Guenther

Target a specific area or work with specific injuries
Aligning your body properly allows the body to heal itself. I can help with more physical adjustments and assisted stretching than would be possible in a class. I can help with specific poses and assisted poses that will target hips, shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings, core strength or any other area that needs attention.

"Justina has been my Yoga Instructor for some time now. I have come to respect and admire her strong work ethic and technical proficiency as a Yoga Instructor. I selected private yoga lessons because they offer the one-on-one instruction method that I prefer right in my own home. I also did this because I suffer from chronic pain. Justina has been able to work with me and to customize her teaching to suit my handicap. Working with Justina has strengthened my body, and increased my flexibility and muscle tone. I see my lessons with Justina as an investment in my health as I age. I always look forward to my lessons with Justina. Namaste!" ~ Robert Dekanic

Work towards a specific goal
The benefits of yoga include increasing balance, fitness, health, self-exploration, stress relief, rejuvenation, or weightloss. Work at your own pace, with the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor. I can help you learn a sequence of poses that lead to preparing the body for specific poses or outcomes.

"Justina's dedication to the practice of yoga is very apparent in the knowledge and skill she brings to her sessions. Her gentle persuasive nature serves well to guide her students with the appropriate amount of encouragement and technical corrections that is matched to their skill level. She is an excellent communicator and teacher. In addition to effectively demonstrating a position, Justina is able to clearly describe the nuances of the position, and why they are important. Justina continually obtains feedback from her students while in a pose to ensure the right muscles are engaged. Yoga classes with Justina are always enjoyable while continually challenging me to improve in a gentle non-judgemental way." ~ Dale Poloway

Develop a home practice
I can help you learn sequencing to prepare for specific poses. I can help design a variety of practices for different goals targeting distinct areas of your body.

"Justina is a hardworking and dedicated yoga instructor. She constantly assesses our potential and changes our sessions to mirror our needs. She introduces new yoga techniques into our routines when she feels we are ready. Justina brings the entire philosophy of yoga to you and embodies the meaning of a true "yogini". We love working with Justina and cherish our times with her." ~ Sapna & Deepak Chawla

Busy schedules that do not allow time to travel to a public class and find a class suited to your needs.
I can come to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you and design a class for you. Free yourself from yoga studio class schedules and commuting time. As a working professional, I understand the definition of "busy" and the need to create balance in one's life.

"Justina provides a challenging yoga regime in the comfort of your own home. As a parent of a young child the logistics of organizing child care and arriving for a scheduled yoga class in my community is daunting and unlikely to happen on a regular basis. Having Justina come to my home is convenient and a very realistic way to study yoga. It is an excellent way to relax and let go of the pressures of the day. I have taken yoga classes in Calgary studios but none compare to the hands on, individualized service that Justina provides." ~ John & Chelsey McCoshen

If you feel distracted and competitive in a yoga class, a private class can be the perfect solution to going inward with a deeper focus.

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